Linux TV, Xbox DVB tuner

While looking for another tuner to increase my T2 mux availablility I stumbled across this:
At an exceptionally reasonable price of £11.32 with next day Prime delivery it seemed like a no brainer…

Unfortunately it requires patching and rebuilding the kernel as support hasn’t landed in mainline yet, so:

  • xbox-dvb.patch - apply this to existing tree (diffed against 4.13 but should be fine on older versions mostly)
  • Rebuild/install/whatever (obviously each distro has their own methods of building it)
  • ???
  • Profit!
If you’re using ArchLinux like you should be, it is pretty easy:
  • Install asp from pacman, run asp checkout linux
  • Add xbox-dvb.patch to sources, add patch line after the patchver in PKGBUILD
  • Regenerate sums with updpkgsums
  • makepkg -si
  • done!