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Linux TV, Xbox DVB tuner

While looking for another tuner to increase my T2 mux availablility I stumbled across this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/XBOX-ONE-DIGITAL-TV-TUNER/dp/B0174G58B8. At an exceptionally reasonable price of £11.32 with next day Prime delivery it seemed like a no brainer… Unfortunately it requires patching and rebuilding the kernel as support hasn’t landed in mainline yet, so: xbox-dvb.patch - apply this to existing tree (diffed against 4.13 but should be fine on older versions mostly) Rebuild/install/whatever (obviously each distro has their own methods of building it) ?

FreeBSD and the never ending saga of mips64

So, about three years ago I obtained a bunch of Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lites since FreeBSD had grown support for it back around 10.0. It had several problems including the stack not being large enough and causing hilarious panics. Some were fixed which was nice, but forward 3 years… on the 11.x branch the panics still exist with the added benefit that the patch by Stacey Son no longer applies. So given that the only real choice is to forego the convenience of some packages being available and use 10.

Disabling Cortana when using ASUS Smart Gesture

If you quite like ASUS laptops like myself, you’ve probably noticed that really annoying “feature” where if you touch three or more fingers on the touchpad Cortana will appear, as unwelcome as always. This batch file will stop that from happening.


Thought it might be time to reinstate a blog of some description, will probably never be updated…